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It’s time to unlock your health & fitness
Lock in a $200 club credit gift card
to use when we reopen - 50 up for grabs
use towards membership, personal training & merchandise.


Pre-join online now

✔  Includes $200 Club Credit

✔  Pay $0 weekly fees until we reopen

✔ Access premium AF Health Hub online
(daily workouts, live guided workout sessions, training and meal plans and much more) 
Learn more>

$200 Club Credit_Gift Card_V3.1-01.png

🔒Lockdown Comfort Guarantee
pay $0 when the club is locked down for more than 2 weeks

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Whatever fitness means to you,
it’s waiting here in-club

(when we open of course)


Get started with a
free $200 club credit


Use towards membership, personal training & merchandise.

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$200 Club Credit_Gift Card_V3.1-01.png
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